Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What motivates you??

I recently joined a group on facebook that is geared around supporting one another with online sales. I have learned a ton from them! It is really a neat thing to see genuine people wanting to help others! I didn't tell my whole story right away! I did let some people in on the seriousness of needing to make a success out of resale, but I didn't fully come out and say I was homeless. Until yesterday. The out pour of support and encouragement was astounding. I was overwhelmed with good wishes, prayers and people wanting to help.

Honestly, I was worried that I would receive hate mail because we are on our 8th child. I have heard it my face and behind my back! But it was total opposite...."any baby is a blessing" and "big families are the best" are just a couple of the things that were said!! It was awesome!

Many people said how I have tons of motivation.....meaning my children. And I do. Many things motivate me.....but my kids are my motivation right now! I have to make this work for them. Look at these two?

That is motivation right there!

What motivates you?


  1. Depending on the situation depends on the motivation. Yarn motivates me to create. My daughter motivates me to laugh. and worry, tragedy or bad new motivates me to pray. I really need to work on that last one. But those are my motivations. :)