Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Going Wordless



Did ya really think I was gonna go wordless??

That would be like Satan offering you a spot in heaven....or would it? Whatever. I don't know.

But you are in luck because it is the night before Halloween and I have costumes to still assemble......yes, Last Minute Lucy over here!! Wait is not having to hear my thoughts lucky for you?? Don't answer that!!

Ok, so I will keep it short, because I am short on time!! Seriously!! My hot glue gun is on!

So I'll leave ya with a lil bit of twinsy love!!

Now to go finish costumes!!! Are you a Last Minute Lucy too??


  1. Happy and great looking kids! hope the costume making went well

  2. Thank you bunches. I kinda like those kids...just a tad ;) The costumes were great!! I will share pics soon!