Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My ten things....

So I was watching Bravo the other night. Don't judge me, but I am a Real Housewives {even though they are not the average housewife...but whatev!} junky! Last night a new show came on that was called 10 Things That Make Me Happy. So, I thought I'd give you a list of my 10 things, but I couldn't or didn't want to limit it to 10, so I give you 15! Of course these things exclude my family and my faith. They are strictly things!

15. Chick Flicks...this used to be a biggy for me. I am so behind on movie watching, but I love a good chick flick!

14. Magazines! ALL kinds....from home decor to cooking, crafting to parenting.....magazines make me happy! 

13. I went a long time before I purchased a down comforter. How did I live before?? Comforters NO more!  My down comforter makes me real happy!

12.  Gotta love cozy socks! I love cutesy and comfy socks! Print or wool! Socks make me happy!

11. Mascara!! I love mascara. If I don't wear any other make up, I will add  mascara before I leave the house. It opens up my face. It makes me look alive. A good mascara makes me happy!

10. Like I stated in my about me I love tshirts! Love a good fitting girl tshirt....not a boy one, a girl one!! It has to be soft and cozy! T-shirts make me happy!

9. From the time I was a young teenager, with wavy hair, I have loved Aussie Sprunch Spray! Love it! I love the scent. I love how it makes my hair look. I love the purple aerosol can. Aussie Sprunch Spray makes me happy!!

8. Fresh painted toenails!! Love, love, love! I love a pedicure, but even if I am unable to get a good pedi, I am able {kinda} to do one for myself. Fresh painted toenails make me happy!!

7. Cooking. I really like to make a great dish that everyone loves. I love to cook for my family. Now, I do get burnt out on the daily x3 cooking/meals that need to be prepared. But I do love when I make something outstanding {like tonight's homemade veggie white sauce pizza *wink} and we all love it!

6. Crafting! I love crafting. Any crafts. All crafts. Crafting makes me happy!

5. Social Media! Yep, guilty as charged! I love social media!

4. Music! I do not think I could live a day without music. Music gives soul, it gives life, it give reason, it gives smiles. Music reminds you of the past and gives hope for future! Music is my heart. Music makes me happy!

3. Chai Tea Latte!! I love a good chai tea latte! I can create my own little imaginary paradise when I drink a chai! Chai tea lattes make me happy!

2. Thrifting. I absolutely love the thrill of thrifting. I love the search. I love the score! I love saving money on something I would normally buy, but getting it on the cheap!

1. MY Pillow. I have to take my pillow with me when I stay anywhere. I don't sleep well without my pillow. It is the perfect softness. It is just perfect. My pillow makes me happy!

My favorite pillow case that I got at the goodwill!!  $1.99 for TWO!!!

I would love to add a mineral make up, face moisturizer, lip gloss, body butter, reality tv, fresh flowers, coffee shops and book stores, too.....if I may. *wink*wink*

Yes, I know things cannot make a person happy, for me it has everything to do with faith. I can only find true happiness in Christ, but I think you get my point.....this list is of things!! 

Now you know a little more about me. What things make you happy?

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